Tale of the sock thief. Part 1

Brennig was his name, six inches from feet to top of the head. Big yellow eyes with jet black pupils and a big long round nose that drooped to his top lip. He had thick dark grey hair that rose up a further inch, then sloped down his back. His hair stopped at the base of the spine where a tail jutted out, with more grey hair at the end as it thinned out, quite an ugly little thing. Brennig, is a house troll. Nothing like the huge trolls that wander the underground forests or the mountain trolls who guard their territory with ferocity. House trolls are more like pests, like rats with more brains.

Brennig had lived in this particular house for a mere five years. He lived in the pantry, in the wall, his front door was a small hole that had been carefully chipped loose and when put back it looked as if it had never been removed. If the family saw this hole they would probably suspect a mouse or rat and may poison or even set a ferret on Brennig, so he always made sure it was put back upon leaving and entering his home. Of course house trolls are invisible to humans, so he would often sit with his legs dangling off the edge of the shelves in the kitchen, watching the humans go about their business. Sometimes he would chuck a small pebble at the humans as they ate or relaxed. Or as they slept he would tickle their ears with a feather. The household dog could see him, and would set about barking the second it spotted Brennig. Naturally the humans would yell at the dog and eventually chuck it outside, much to Brennigs amusement. House trolls are not evil, but they live for an incredibly long time causing them to become very bored the longer they live. The older the house troll the more grumpy it will get and the more it will have to amuse itself with the misery of others. The older house trolls get so miserable that they start causing themselves misery which will eventually lead to their death.

One day as Brennig was pushing a bottle of gin off the shelf something caught his eye. It was a beautiful green velvety sock. The sock was laying discarded by the kitchen table. Brennig hoped and jumped down with amazing agility. He ran across the room to the sock and swept it up before scurrying off to his pantry retreat. He was amazed by it. As I said house trolls live for a very long time, yes its true many creatures do, giants, dragons, and of course other troll breeds. But house trolls have a much sharper brain, not much unlike a humans. But because of their long life it takes them quite a while to notice something. And Brennig had just started to notice socks. Something that would trigger an obsession in him, and as you know, not all obsessions are healthy.


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